Hello .., welcome to my page, everyone..

2 min readMar 16, 2022


Sat wat dii thuk khun .., na.. khrub,

Today, Let me introduce my Personal Page, which i will share Topics like, PowerBI , DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) Tutorials, Azure Cloud Topics na. khrub…,

I am, Mr. Thu Ta Naing, being active as a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2020.. till up to 2022. Personally, being enthusiastic in Cloud, AI and Business Intelligence, I founded my own Company, Named "Artifica Lab Co., Ltd", in Myanmar since 2019. Purpose is to provide AI, Business Intelligence & Cloud Knowledge to Everyone…,

However, due to recent Political Situational Changes in Myanmar since 2021, I am now looking forward to conduct Trainings in Bangkok for Local Thais as well as for Expats too..,

Now, being active as a MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer), and DA-100 (PL-300* NEW) Certified Course Trainer, let me share my PowerBI Knowledge, DAX Pro Tips and Azure Certifications Tracks for your Careers, both in English and sometimes, in Thai language too.

My Expertise includes Teaching A Top Business Intelligence Software in the World (i.e. PowerBI) with Data Extracting Techniques using DAX, as well as including Practical Applications. You can ask me anything, any help you want with PowerBI, DAX, as well as minor Focus on Azure Cloud too.

In fact, I love Thailand, the way their culture as it is, their hospitality, thus, as well as learning Thai Language too.. in my free time…

Hope to see you soon…,

Khawp khun maak na khrub!