Oracle!! (The mighty God in SQL Database!!)

2 min readJul 3, 2021


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Hello.., sat wat dii khrub!!!., สวัสดีครับ 😊🙏 ยีนดีต้อนรับจาก ArtificaLab..,😇

Today, let’s us discuss about a new topic, Oracle SQL.. Yep..

Since from the age of Computers Invention, Computer Systems, Application Software, Games.., Entertainment.. etc. have to be all involved in SQL Database….., up to now..

Actually, database is a structured collection of data, normalized (specially designed) to reduce data redundancy , data integrity and data confidentiality. Nevertheless, nowadays.., Social Media Giant Companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn now uses another type of Database, aka.., NoSQL..

However, the use of traditional SQL will still there be in real world applications. This is because Certain Applications and Industries like Banking, Commerce, Accounting.. etc.. still need SQL Databases to store the Numerous Amount of Data Information, as well as can be used later for Extracting Data Insights…

So, consequently…, in terms of SQL, there are many brands associated with it. For example, Microsoft, like this Company have Microsoft SQL Server.., while Oracle has its own Oracle SQL and other brands may have own versions of their systems..

Among them, is the Oracle SQL, still the Leading Database in the its SQL Platform.. This is because Oracle SQL strictly follows the ACID:

(1) Atomicity

(2) Consistency

(3) Isolation

(4) Durability

Sounds pretty strange, right ???, for this term “ACID”. Dun worry for that now… We will explain to u details later.. For that, we can think like that, with Oracle SQL.. our database information will always be correct, safe to use, and process transactions with no errors. (yep, i mean Zero Error..).

Not just that Oracle has such strong features, it has strong JOB Market too.. You will see in Job Thai Facebook Groups…, Job Agencies such that almost 90% of Database Career needs Strong ORACLE SQL Certification… (Yep.., we offer SQL Training for that… in ArtificaLab Thailand 😁 )

Ok.., Right now.., we will stop our contents for now.. Feel free to contact us if you want to ask about more details on what Services we provide… Bye Bye For Now… khawp khun maak khrub…!

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